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The Red Pump Project

Thursday, September 29, 2011


It's that time again, folks!  Bare your boobs and moobs for The 10th Annual BOOBIETHON

Pictures are being accepted now as are DONATIONS!!!!  I'm a volunteer editor. (Srsly, who wouldn't volunteer to edit pictures of gorgeous breasts for a fantastic cause?)

Please, join in. 'K?

4 blew out from under the bed:

Fat Controller said...

I'll talk nicely to H. She's always been generous in the past :-)

the late phoenix said...

my favorite time of year :D

Ron said...

Thank you for sharing this and for the reminder.

GREAT cause!

And kudos to you for volunteering as editor, Sis!

X ya bunches!

ZomBee said...

Im sorry but for as much as I dearly adore breasts I cant get past their use of such a deplorable word.
god I despise that word.
always have.
I would say it was from being attacked by one when I was younger but that wouldnt be such a bad thing.
maybe its just because it trivializes something so absolutely spectacular.
maybe..but i doubt it.